Friday, September 25, 2009

Orchard is down to two trees

When Keith and I were eating lots of fruits and vegetables and growing very fast, I think that Dad had sixteen dwarf fruit trees including pears, cherries, and all sorts of apples.

This year, as Dad approaches his 84th birthday, he only has two trees in his orchard. While I was back in Indiana for my high school class reunion, Goshen's First Friday, and Mom and Dad's 51st wedding anniversary, I got the rare chance to take a photograph of the tree before Dad picked from the top of a 13 foot step ladder.

This one was loaded down with more apples than I've ever seen on such a small tree.

I talked with Dad a few weeks after the picture and he told me that he was able to pick 13 bushel from this tree.

I was able to take three monster onions, a bunch of green tomatoes for Jackie to fry, a box of fresh snappy potatoes, and a second box of ripe red tomatoes.

We ate well in Kentucky the following week, but we missed the chance for fresh apples.

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