Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ohio State at Purdue

Adam and I made a day trip to West Lafayette for Purdue's latest starting game in its very long history of football. Two undefeated titans clashed and Purdue ended up on the down side of the 23-7 score.

As we watched the two teams warm up from our lofty perch, we could tell that OSU was the real deal and it only took a few plays for the Buckeyes to demonstrate why they would again be #1 in the nation for a good portion of yet another season.

Purdue is a great team and they are having a great year, but it sure wasn't fun to watch them get beat that night. I bought a book about Joe Tiller to read a little more about the transformation that has occurred since he has been there. It is very interesting to hear about the poor boy from Toledo that went to Montana to play football.

Adam and I had lunch at Triple XXX Family Restaurant at Austin Mattern's recommendation. He said they had recently tried to upscale their food quality.

Before the game, we drove all over campus visiting bookstores to outfit our family's youngest Purdue fan and decorate his room. After accumulating more Purdue stuff than I have ever owned, Adam and I parked at the remains of the shuttered Smitty's Supermarket and played frisbee in the street for a while before heading to the engineering buildings and the fountain.

After the game, we drove back to Wakarusa to visit my mom who was recovering from back surgery. Adam and I got to the house about 1:30 AM and crashed in the basement.

After visiting with Mom and Dad for six hours, we headed back to Lexington. We were making great time traveling with the stereo blasting and all the windows open until we hit mile marker 141 on I-74 between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. While traveling along with speeding traffic and fortunately in the rightmost lane, the Jeep just quit on us.

A credit card and flatbed truck enabled us to get back to Lexington late that night.

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Anonymous said...

Although it pains me to see my nephew wearing Purdue colors, I have to admit the weekend looks like a lot of fun. It must have been a great weekend..except the visiting mom and dad part.