Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Carmen's Tates Creek JV Season is over

Carmen's sophomore year was packed full of games with playing time at the JV level and sitting time at the Varsity level.

Unlike last year when the same six freshmen played together every game with the same rotation to go 13-4, this years JV was an exciting different combination that varied depending on the level of competition, the availability of freshmen and sophomores that play varsity, and chances to develop varsity players in different positions. All in all, it was a very exciting year and winning games helps make it more exciting. The JV team finished with a record of 21-5-1.

Having completed five seasons of volleyball, there are plenty of roles that are not exciting. No one can make them look less exciting than Carmen.

I love jobs like score keeping, line judging, or running the scoreboard during games.

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