Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Four mile hike in the morning

Jackie and I went on a four mile hike this morning. The guy at the visitor center on Monday recommended that we take this walk and do the longer drive through tour during low tide because the birds and the alligators would more likely be out.

I'm sure that we both got a lot of exercise, but I don't know how successful we were at timing the birds and alligators. We only saw one alligator on the walk, they promise more on the driving tour which will have to be a different low tide.

We are confused as to how the fresh water refuge water levels relate to the salt water ocean tides... but we will figure that out before we leave.

On the hike, we learned about the "allegorical" mangrove tree. I call this allegorical because it is not "literally" rooted. The roots grow down from the branches and "hope" to find water.

Sometimes they do, like the ones on the right that are growing above the water.

Sometimes they don't, like the ones on the left that growing over the path.

There is a red mangrove and a white mangrove. I assume that is like a red oak and a white oak.

I also learned that I am more like a Gecko on Maui, and Jackie is more like the variety of elusive lizards on Sanibel. Geckos are slow and Floridian lizards scurry about quickly.

Jackie is scurrying (jogging) ahead of me in the picture on the right, while I poke along in my sandals looking for alligators and taking pictures of stuff.

Although it seems that she never stops, I do appreciate being pressured to exercise.

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