Friday, December 23, 2016

We bought a Squad

In the last year, as a father, when my children have asked me to do something with them, I have jumped at the chance.

When my youngest daughter asked me to hike a 60 mile trail in 75 hours, I couldn't wait to do that with her.

When my oldest daughter stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and informed us that she had everything packed for us and we had just a few minutes to get into her SUV to camp at the top of Indian Staircase, Jackie and I climbed into the back seat and enjoyed the next 24 hours of adventure with her.

When our entrepreneurial son came to us with the opportunity to purchase a Mosquito Squad franchise that serves the Central Kentucky area, we had to step back and collect our thoughts, but we pursued it with all the same passions as an outdoor adventure.

So, here we are, a few months later, as owners of a family business.  It is a local family business that allows us to have a global impact.  Every one of our customers and employees is engaged with the same fight to eliminate pestilence and disease.

Our goal is to grow this business such that it allows many families to enjoy recreation in their own backyards while it also provides jobs for some of the hardest working employees in Lexington.  Our childhoods in a farming community allowed us to work with our hands to pay for college, we want to offer that opportunity to the next generation.

We know that it will take a few years of losses to reach a sustainable level for the business, but just like that family that bought the zoo, we believe that our customers will recognize our results, passion and service as the Mosquito Squad of Lexington