Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Break in Clearwater

We are not usually a family that likes to go back to the same vacation spot twice, but we did this year.

The first few days were cold and windy, but we shopped for sweatshirts and did things inside instead of laying on the beach and burning.

It was a very relaxing weekend because we had seen most of the things on Jackie's lists and we didn't have to be certain places at certain times.

The only scheduled event was para-sailing on a calm and sunny Wednesday afternoon. In the photo to the left, Carmen and Adam are riding in the Superman chute at 600 feet.

The Hilton did a great job of hosting our vacation again and we love the variety of restaurants that are available in Clearwater within walking distance from the hotel.

Dave Pletcher recommended the Thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor. Jackie and I drove to Tarpon Springs on Monday, but didn't see the restaurant. We were glad we took the icy (ask Becca) drive to Palm Harbor on Wednesday night with the whole family.

We also enjoyed a Thursday evening walk to Jimmy's Fish House for a sunset dinner.

However, being a morning person, I love breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them in Clearwater.

Whether it was the Hilton continental breakfast with fresh fish, cheese, meats, muffins and fruit or the cafe across the street for a hearty midwestern two egg breakfast, the morning meal is always my favorite to share with family.

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