Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year, New Colors for Becca

Becca selected three colors from her "Pillowcase of many colors" for the four walls. Jackie and I thought they were a little intense. Adam offered advice on which color to put on which wall and Carmen cleaned Becca's room while the paint was drying.

Later that night, Becca went through all of her stuff and purged whatever was not necessary. When I say purge, I mean the same thing as what Carmen does on a regular basis. When stuff is not actively used, it moves to Mom's bedroom so Mom can deal with it.

My job is simply to paint and tell. It is an enjoyable job. The first color was Celestial Blue and it covered two adjacent walls. The second color was Pink Frenzy which would drive me crazy.

The third color was "Can't Miss Lime" and I would prefer to call it "Three Coat Lime" since it goes on in streaks and spots as if the pigments they used repelled each other.

I also took pictures of the harsh working environment and tight spaces where I had to manuever behind furniture and pre-purged stuff to reach no less than thirty corners of walls, windows and doors.

I decided not to post those since people would accuse me of whining.

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