Saturday, June 20, 2009

The end of a baseball career

It all started ten years ago when Adam decided to play T-ball at Shadybrook park.

He had so much fun playing T-ball that his older sister joined the team the following year before she moved on to softball.

Adam's next step was Veteran's park coach pitch Rookie league. They had a team that lost the championship game by a few runs and developed friendships that would spill over into other sports down the road.

As all the boys developed at different rates to different final sizes, speeds and strengths, it has been a joy to watch them rotate from team to team.

My favorite year to watch one of Adam's teams was his final season as a Pirate in the Cal Ripken minor league. This team know how to have fun winning.

In Adam's final Babe Ruth season as a Twin, he can definitely measure his maturity and struggles on the baseball field side by side with the rest of life.

Baseball in Lexington is an enjoyable but demanding lifestyle and I am glad that Adam had a chance to complete all the city has to offer in this sport.

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