Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sometimes it is good to be late

Martha couldn't understand why Jesus was late to heal Lazarus.

The early bird is a lot more famous than the second mouse as well.

Just before our group met tonight, I snapped a shot of this lone Azalea bud after a hard rain in the sunshine.

We had a hard freeze in April this spring after all the Bradford Pears, Azaleas, Lilacs and Wild Cherry Blossoms had bloomed. The few buds that were late were the only ones that survived.

This one flower was surrounded by buds that were once colorful and alive, but now are shriveled, dead and brown.

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Maggie said...

I noticed the same thing outside my kitchen window today and thought to myself, "That speaks".

What an awesome shot. Thanks for sharing that. I would have forgotten it otherwise.