Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Early Bird Extravaganza ( Day 3 )

Monday was a bummer as we had hoped to face a few teams that we saw playing on other courts that were very beatable. I don't know what tournament bracket those teams made it into, but they weren't in the Ruby Tournament where we hoped to meet them.

We lost the first match of the single elimination tournament, but the girls should be proud of their effort all weekend as mostly 15 year olds in a 16 year old tournament. The results are posted on the BAVA website: Match Results

The girls are improving and they have several tournaments to go. Carmen got a lot of good experience returning 16 year serves and that will help her much more than last year's experience on the 14-2 team.

Carmen views her volleyball experience as "character building" since the losing humbles her, but she has asked why God wants to develop her character instead of someone else.

The coach has goals of getting the girls to play together more as a team and I think she has focused on the right thing. They all need to be more vocal and assertive. By the end of the year, I am sure they will be clicking like clockwork.

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