Sunday, February 18, 2007

Early Bird Extravaganza ( Day 2 )

Our second day in Columbus started out with a late lunch with Keith at Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant.

I rode 20 miles on an exercise bike to try to overcome the sluggishness hanging over from Day 1, but I easily recreated that sluggish feeling with single order of fresh salmon with pesto from the lunch menu.

We ate at this restaurant with the team last year but the staff at Keith's hotel encouraged him to go there for lunch today so we went again. The food was fair, like last year. The restaurant's best features are its Front Street location and the variety of entertaining Italian artwork, statues and photographs.

A light lunch of pasta is also good for athletes planning on a long day. It's really too bad that only one of us would be participating in the tournament.

Carmen's first match was at 4:00 and her team played very well again. Her second match at 5:00 was the most difficult of the weekend. After watching them play at 3:00, we really thought that might have been our first win of the weekend. We were wrong. This team won our pool and we lost our pool, so it was very disappointing.

The net of two days of pool play puts us in the Ruby tournament. While we were driving home, Carmen wondered if Ruby was the third level: Gold, Silver, then Ruby. Jackie explained that there were a few more between Silver and Ruby: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Diamond,Emerald, Sapphire, and then Ruby.

We've also been enjoying my brother Keith's observations and commentary on the weekend. Keith is a retired consultant with an open mind, a frank speaker and a great writer. His research on our family was definitely widened this weekend.

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