Monday, October 02, 2006

Freshmen Season Over

The Freshmen 6 went out went out with a bang tonight. They beat Lafayette and Henry Clay in 2 game matches. One of the keys tonight was Janet Jones, who got out on the court with Coach Emily to help keep the girls warmed up between matches. Lexington Catholic needed 3 games to beat Henry Clay.

It really was a great season in terms of playing time for the Freshmen 6 even though it started out with weaker competition. On the way home tonight we divided the season up into the following sections:
  • Regular Season: 8-1 ( only loss was to Lafayette )
  • Freshman League: 4-2 ( both losses were to Dunbar )
  • Woodford County JV Scrimmage: 1-0

Since the girls really only lost matches to Lafayette and Dunbar, you have to look at the individual records against those teams:

  • Lafayette: 2-1 ( 2 wins in Freshman League, 1 loss in Regular Season )
  • Dunbar: 1-2 ( 1 win in Regular Season, 2 losses in Freshman League )

Here are the pictures from tonight:
Final Game against Henry Clay

Carmen really wanted a chance to play Dunbar or Catholic tonight, but we ended up playing Henry Clay for the fourth time.

Next year, the competition will be much steeper at the JV level with a few tournaments.

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