Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tatesbrook Reunion

Yesterday was the first ever Tatesbrook reunion. Joyce Baker set up a picnic at Shilito park and invited as many people as she could. It had been over ten years since Jackie and I had seen most of the people.

I had never met Joe and Norma Kiser. Joe was a significant factor in building the original sanctuary. It was good to talk with him.

Stuart Henderson and his entire famly made the trip up from Alabama as well. As many people can remember, Stuart led the worship on Sunday evenings and also led us with Hymn #20 ( God of Earth and Outer Space ). Some of the little boys that requested that song 10 years ago are now husbands and fathers...

It was also good to fellowship with the people that we see as we go about our lives in Lexington from time to time. We miss them dearly.

If we do this again, I would like to attempt to contact some of our streams in Texas, Florida, Colorado, and Greenville that have graduated from Tatesbrook in the late 90's and beyond.

Here are the pictures:
Tatesbrook Reunion

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Bruce Gillespie said...

As usuall the digitites have prevailed!! Good job Kevin but I didn't see any pictures of Mike. What happened to the camera?