Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adam's First Game of the Season

Middle School football season starts late here in Kentucky. We played Crawford tonight and barely finished before dark. With teams traveling across Lexington in a bus, it is hard to start earlier than 5:30 so I'm not sure how we will squeeze them in as the days grow shorter.

Adam is number 34 and he is playing linebacker. I'm calling him "Sweetness". Adam's team is stacked with good sized athletes. I think he is the smallest defensive player.

Brandon Shrout (#22) did an excellent job of blocking, tackling and running the ball all night long.

The Southern offensive line dominated the game.

Crawford scored on the opening drive, but never scored again. No one really knows how many points Southern had since scoreboards are optional at Middle Schools ( along with the optional football field ) I've got pictures of at least 6 Southern touchdowns and I know they score before I got there as well.

View all the photos at: Crawford Game

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