Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finishing Well

This weekend, we got to hear from Peter Lord. He spoke to us five times and encouraged us each time to dig deeper for fellowship with God through the discipline of listening in prayer.

During the weekend, he mentioned that he is reading a book call Finishing Well. I've looked up the book and see that it is by Bob Buford and he has interviewed some of my favorite people like Jim Collins and Roger Staubach. I bet he tried to interview John Wooden. The forward is by Ken Blanchard.

He didn't interview the following people that have inspired me to finish well.

Peter Lord - This weekend at 76, he demonstrated a desire to learn, grow and change through some of the most difficult times of his life. "God's working harder on me now than He ever has"

C.S. Lewis - came to Christ via long, hard reasoned road. Married late in life. Lost his wife not long after marriage. Journaled
A Grief Observed
for many to read later.

Charles Victor Eby - waited until he was 88 years old to accept Christ. Walked with the Lord four years before he died. Evidence of change was difficult to distinguish when you have 88 years of habits... but the internal change helped him eternally.

Bud Etsinger - in this last month, I heard a young boy describe his 79 year old grandfather as the "greatest husband ever". I personally watched a transform in his life shortly after halftime (in his 50's) and saw another step up again this month as father to his girls.

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timscott said...

You are learning from and being mentored by some very high caliber people. And the process is apparently working.