Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wouldn't it be amazing if ....

God had used the grandfather of a boy that I grew up to help pave the way for Dr. Scott and Dr. Kim to reach the Awa in Ecuador?
Engineering Mission Center for HCJB

Richard Moore in the center of this photo, played defensive tackle in front of me. His father Clyde Moore was the son of Clarence Moore who was one of the key contributors to HCJB in Ecuador.

Crown International and the Moore family got me into engineering. Their radio station (WFRN) kept me focused on positive Christian music and their amplifiers busted my ears in a Larry Norman concert at the Notre Dame Convention Center. To this day, their Crown amplifiers are powering God's message in the church I attend in Lexington.

Stephen Phipps on the left, played nose guard and gave me the title "Glory Grabber" because the better he executed, the more tackles I got. He was a friend that rode bike with me nearly every Sunday afternoon. Due to the biking, he and I could squat more weight than anyone else on the team.

His father, Ron Phipps, was a pastor in the missionary church and sponsored a few cross country bike trips. I think the group was called "Wondering Wheels" and then changed to "Out Spoken". I also told Steve that I got a better work out than he did because I rode a Sears Free Spirit while he rode one of the high end, foreign, super lightweight bikes with more gears.

Both of these guys made a significant impact on my life.

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