Sunday, May 28, 2006

Peter and Stephanie's Wedding

It was a great wedding, and I know this will be a great marriage. Why?

Reason #1:
Understanding of Marriage. Peter and Stephanie helped to prepare the message that was read at the ceremony and based it on John 17. Tying together the fact that we are to be one with the Father as Jesus was one with the Father. Tying in the fact that unity is important in the church and in marriage. They also served communion to the Christian witnesses ( a church full of them )

Reason #2:
Family Heritage. Before the wedding there were many family pictures taken. Big families from each of their grandparents. Each of their grandparents started out just as Peter and Stephanie did yesterday.

Reason #3:
Family modeled before them. Family is about living together and forebearing each other. It is about life. This list of tips from Bethany to Stephanie that was read at the reception indicates that Stephanie's family understands that the little things are important and we are to enjoy each others uniqueness.
1) Get up when the alarm clock rings
2) Check expiration dates on perishable food items
3) Shave your legs occasionally and shower often

Reason #4:
God bound them together forever.

Reason #5:
A sense of humor. They chose a retirement community dance hall as the location for their wedding reception.

Reason #6:
Love. They enjoy being together whether they are the center of attention or whether there is no one else around.

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