Friday, May 19, 2006

More Pirates baseball

Last Wednesday, the Pirates faced the American League Leading Yankees for a difficult game. The Yankees came out hitting and the Pirates gave up two runs early. Late in the game Stefan came up with a double that knocked in a couple of runs for the lead and an extra run of padding.

Philip also had a key RBI in the second half of the game with a fly to left field. His pitching was also a big key to the comeback in the final inning. Check out Philip's face on this throw!

Like all SouthEastern Baseball games, there is a great atmosphere of both community and competition. This game was special to Adam because Sam plays for the Yankees. Sam and Adam have been together for a long time in our neighborhood. Last year, Sam hit a triple in the Yankees win. This year, Adam got walked and stood with Sam at first base during a pitcher change.

Sam didn't get a triple in this year's game, but I did get a picture of Sam hitting a foul ball that helps to explain some of the physics involved with the game of baseball.

All in all, an excellent evening at the ball park. I'll include one last picture of Adam catching with his eyes closed.

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