Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to Becca

We celebrated Becca's birthday this month. We had the first celebration Friday night where she opened a few of the smaller gifts and cards that she received from grandparents and also some of the clothes that her mother wanted her to wear to school on her birthday.

Tonight, Becca had Emily come over to celebrate her birthday with her. They didn't wait to long to start watching the movie that Emily got for her. Mom, Carmen, Adam and I ate the birthday cake in the kitchen without the birthday girl.

One of her other presents this year was a girly mountain bike so that she can ride with the rest of the family. She saw right through the bribery and told me that receiving this gift was not a guarantee that she was going to go riding every time someone in the family jumps on a bike.

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Magnanimity said...

Wow...lovely little ladies! Breaks my heart! Em looks good...I hope she feels healthier these days.