Monday, May 01, 2006

Grandpa would be 108 today

My Grandpa, Charles Victor Eby, was born on May 1, 1898. His parents erased part of the 8 on his birth certificate so that he could work on the farm an extra year. I loved spending time with my Grandpa, he was a lot of fun. He had fun working. He and his brother, Ellis, got into trouble from time to time having fun. Stuff like floating wash tubs down the creek and stealing pies from window sills reminds me of my brother Keith and my son, Adam Charles.

Before I could talk I would stand at the picture window of our house and watch the tractors and farm equipment roll by. My first word was "combine" and "tractor" was one of the next words to follow.

In 1915, Grandpa drove horses between his father's farms and waved at a younger girl along the way. On August 25, 1917 he married her and raised a family of three moving from farm to farm around Wakarusa.

I was able to attend their 50th wedding anniversary at Eby's Pines in 1967 and Jackie and Keith were able to attend their 70th wedding anniversary at Miller's Merry Manor in 1987.

My Grandma and Grandpa had a great life together.


Roxana said...

wow, it seems like they did -- a 50th anniversary is pretty amazing!

Kevin Eby said...

I know I didn't make it very clear, but they also celebrated a 70th anniversary shortly before my Grandpa died.

Another amazing thing that I will write about someday. My Grandpa didn't accept Jesus Christ as his Savior until he was 88 years old.