Thursday, April 27, 2006

Purdue Room Makeover Progress

Well, a few people have been asking about what Adam's room looks like after we converted it from "Kentucky Blue" to "Plywood and Purdue". It is still a work in progress but it Adam now has a lot more floor space after tucking the drums under the bed.

In the previous arrangement, the TV stand was in front of the window which was horrible for watching TV and looked really ugly from the street. Adam and I decided to put the TV up out of the way.

Jackie was initially pretty upset about how close Adam would be sleeping to the ceiling or maybe it was how far he was from the floor, but she's getting used to it now. The first thing she requested was a railing to keep him from falling out. I was hoping to stall long enough so that we could just cover up the 2x4's with some trim, but Adam has already moved the basketball goal up from the basement.

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty exciting! I'm gonna have to see this one pretty soon!