Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Dinner at Mattern's

Easter in Indiana at the Mattern's brought back some great memories for me.

The first memory was of Grandpa Bud barbequeing pork chops nearly every Sunday afternoon in the summer.

I can remember going over to Jackie's house and thinking that there wasn't any better way to fill my stomach than to eat one of Bud's pork chops. I've spent 25 years trying to recreate them and fail to do so.

Well, Bud has met his match on Sunday. Maybe its because I've lived in the big city of Lexington too long, maybe its because Bill knows meat because he has worked in a meat shop all his life, but Bill put out a spread of ham, ribs and prime rib that was fabulous.

The second memory was of Easter afternoon activities at my Grandma and Grandpa Eby's after everyone had filled themselves and taken naps. Sometimes we went mushroom hunting. Sometimes we went flying in Uncle Gene or Cousin Craig's Cessnas but it was always something exciting.

This year, Becca got to experience one of those exciting activities with her Cousin Dustin. Dustin bought a old John Deere last year and restored it. His father-in-law also found an old seed spreader that when equiped with a couple bails of hay, served very well for a Sunday afternoon ride for Heather, Becca and Maria. Uncle Bill even threw Louie on the wagon before it took off.

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