Saturday, February 04, 2006

Is a Bottle Defined by its Contents?

In Kim's comment to "What do you see?", she posed a question from Matt. The answer to this question is almost giving away what I see, but I think it is only fair for those viewing the blog and not attending the Celebration to know the answer first.

Matt's question: Would a water bottle be a "water bottle" if it didn't have water in it?

I hope these images will help to explain my answer.

Kevin's answer: A container is designed for a purpose, the contents of that container do not change its purpose. A container is not defined by its surroundings, capacity or fullness. Said more clearly, a container is defined by its creator.

Do you see what I see about the water bottle now?


Magnanimity said...

Sort of. But, not really.

I was just sharing with Mr. Wonderful tonight regarding an amazing book I saw. I'll go get the link:

Okay, so that is long and you have to C & P to browser, but...view it and tell me if you've ever seen a book like it?

Reminder me of the scripture on some containers being for noble use and some for ignoble (ignoable...bit word).

But, in my house, one week a container may hold bananas to ripen, the next week, Legos, the next week, popcorn.

What did the creator have in mind for it to hold? Do we limit our useage of things too much? As in, I have one main spiritual gift forever because we all have one main one we mainly use all the time, so I will do one main thing and look for that main thing I can do to do.

So, when do we look at our owner and say..."What do you want to use me for today?"

My bowl doesn't tell me what it's function is...I tell it.

I have no idea what you are really getting at for certain as the moral...but, my thoughts based on the link I saw tonight. I told him, "I bet that [thing--which you have to go see to get] is so proud...who would've thought!"

(I really don't "allow" drinks around the computer at all, btw! When the kids are in bed, and all is quiet, sometimes, I allow my own a fairly safe distance. I check the area before morning. I think I'm safe...I beg for God's mercy in the matter. Shhhhh. Don't tell my kids what a rebel their mom really is.)

Kevin Eby said...

Oh no... I hope you ripen bananas in some kind of "multipurpose" container.

You sound like one of those new age people that waters plants with a "measuring" cup and just ignores the graduations.