Friday, February 17, 2006

The Fountain of Living Water

It's not an incredible revelation, it's probably something that many of you have seen for years in Daniel 1:8, but it took a series of events for me to see the significance of the symbol God chose to describe His Son.

1. Mike described hunger as a NEED, not a want
2. Matt carried around a cool water container
3. Adam wanted a cool water container ( like Matt's )
4. Carmen got weak, visited the doctor, who told her, "You NEED to drink more water!"
5. Matt got Carmen a matching cool water container
6. Last month, I was staring at Matt's cool water container when it all came together

Growing up in a conservative family in a conservative town surrouned by Amish communities, I've always thought that Daniel was denying his own appetite and setting God up as the only explanation for Daniel winning his unlikely contest. Kind of like Elijah asking the people to water down the wood on the altar before he asked God to ignite the wood with flames.

There are lots of tempting WANTS in the world that distract us from what we NEED. In Daniels words, they "defile" us. We are all jars of clay of many sizes, shapes and imperfections, but we were all created with a single purpose, to hold the daily portion of plentiful Living Water never to thirst again.

Do you see why God was so frustrated with Moses when he struck the rock?

We all NEED Living Water, we NEED a thirst for God that is rationed daily.

Don't let sugar, caffeine, flavoring or color distract you from God's pure, cool, clear, Living Water.

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