Friday, July 18, 2003

Twin Elm Guest Ranch ( Mama Bear Story )

In the afternoon, while we were letting the horses rest, we would go tubing on the Medina River that runs through the Twin Elm Guest Ranch.

There are many Eby stories from this river, but my favorite is the Mama Bear story. Pictured on the left are the three little bears: Carmen, Becca, and Adam (in the rapids, note the water level near his knees)

Well, one afternoon after taking our tubes to the pick up point, we went back to the river to skip rocks, keep cool and hang out. The kids love being in the water even though I would prefer to stay dry and take pictures.

Not knowing what was further on down the river made Adam very curious and the "rapid" current made Jackie (aka Mama Bear) very nervous. Jackie would continually remind Adam not to go in the rapids. ( note where he is standing )

Well, as Adam began to notice rocks and things in the river, he decided to lay down like Carmen was doing in the calm part. This is really were the story begins as young Adam can not get up. With water rushing over his back, he yells for help!

Mama bear leaps into action. Risking her own life, she jumps into the water with him and tries to help him out even though she herself may be drowned and carried away in the "rapids".

Panic stricken, now both of them are under the current with Mama bear unintentionally smothering her precious baby bear. Jackie yells at me still standing on the side of the river, "Aren't you going to do anything?"

Calmly, I suggest that both of them stand up instead of fighting the current. As they took my advice, they looked at each other and laughed.

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