Thursday, August 15, 2002

Wesley Woods Campout for Tatesbrook

Wesley Woods is a campground that Tatesbrook had used for several years in a row. It really became a tradition for us to camp there the weekend before school started back up.

Over the years, our church shared many memories there. Most of the memories come from the annual Talent Show and the ensuing marshmallow fight around the fire on Saturday night.

Other memories are those seen in the pictures here. The famous green scum that covered the pond every night and receded only slightly in the heat of the sun. Many paddle boat and canoe races were held on top of the scum and it seemed that every year someone would involuntarily end up scum covered.

There were snipe hunts at night.

There was alway work to be done for the parents with a short weekend of setting up tents, cutting dry dead firewood out of the trees, building fires cooking food, cleaning up, taking the trash down the hill, leading bible studies or practicing skits but there was a bit of free time as well.

The free time usually was consumed by a relaxing game of football in the afternoon sun.