Sunday, December 25, 1994

Christmas Card 1994

In years past, Jackie has always written a long letter and I have edited it to the point that it is a short letter from both us. This year Jackie has been extremely busy as the director of the Children's Christmas Program at church so I am in charge of the letter. The program was spectacular, the highlight was the five year old cancer patient angel narrator who was released from the hospital the day before the program.

Keeping up with two children has been very time consuming but we would not trade the time for anything else. Carmen is currently sitting beside me with her Bible, she noticed mine open on the couch and has come to my assistance. Her conversations are very interesting. Jackie and I often stop and observe her carrying on a conversation with Adam and imaginary friends.

Adam has been bruised and abused his first year. His older sister is quite the ruffian and he takes it very well. Adam has jumped off the couch, climbed over the back of the chair, somehow made it out of his crib with an assistant, and just this morning flopped out of the bath tub. He regularly attended the adult cantata practices this year where he fell off many items providing comic relief for the choir.

Probably the most significant thing that we have experienced this year is the new ministry at our church that Jackie and I have prayed for and longed for since 1992. We began meeting in January and multiplied that single group of fourteen people into seven groups of 70 people in September. We meet weekly, rotating the location to each member's home. When one member is struggling, stretching, learning or growing, all the other members are there to aid or encourage them on a daily basis.

Three years of deaconing has brought many blessings as we have seen God carry Christians through some very difficult circumstances but this last year has been so much more fulfilling as we minister to each other.

Jackie is doing a tremendous job of training our children. I wish that I could spend more time helping her. I often get wrapped up in work and neglect my family but I never come home and wish I had stayed longer. Four and sometimes six arms reach up for hugs and kisses to greet me when I open the kitchen door.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been a big part of my life for almost two years. We work in prison ministry, sports camps, and fund raisers for FCA staff and ministry. This year, I decided to ride bike with FCA to Indianapolis for Promise Keepers. We left from the South side of Louisville early Thursday morning and rode through 50 degree rain until noon. We completed 134 miles to Bloomington that evening. We then rode another 65 miles to Indianapolis on Friday. The time I spent with my brothers on the trip was as valuable as the conference. The conference was incredible. 62,000 men sang praises to God, committed to keep promises to God, their wives, families and churches.

Keep the Faith, don't let the greatest gift ever given go to waste in your life.