Friday, May 23, 1986

Jackie Graduates from Marion College

Jackie graduated from Marion College with Medical Lab Technician Associate Degree. She is picture here with friends from NorthWood High School that were attending Marion College with her.

Just in case anyone wants to do a little research on whether Jackie's diploma is legitimate, you may need to know that Marion College changed their name to Indiana Wesleyan University after she graduated.

One of the things that I remember about Marion College is that it did not let guys from Purdue stay in the lobbies of the girls dorm. This made motorcycle trips between Marion and West Lafayette be single day trips.

I also remember a David Meece concert at night, but I don't remember riding motorcycle home after the concert.

Jackie started college at Anderson College but decided to transfer to a two year school in order to get married and move to West Lafayette.

After graduation and a wedding, Jackie went to work at Home Hospital in Lafayette.

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