Thursday, June 15, 1972

Spring Mills Camping Trip

We didn't take very many vacations when I was a little boy, but camping is the only way we did it. Our family purchased a Star Craft pop up camper that was used once a year at various Indiana State Parks. In 1972, we went to Spring Mill
Most of the pictures that mom and dad took of us were not really pictures of us as much as they were pictures of trails, trees, hills, signs and caves with us in there for perspective. This one picture featured us and I like the detail. For instance, you can see the "iron-on" patches that we used to get some more life out of boys pants.

I remember those things were stiff, but evidently they didn't stop us from crawling on our hands and knees.

Here's a picture with mom in the creek. I have a terrible memory but I do remember playing in this creek and everybody making a big deal about Keith not being cold. I have never liked being wet and it looks like I didn't like it in this picture either.