Monday, June 15, 1970

Hunting in Wyoming

One of the things that my Dad loved to do was to go hunting in Wyoming. I think this picture is from 1960. Two years after Dad got married and five years before I was born.

This first picture is my Grandpa ( Charles Victor Eby ) and my Uncle Devon Swihart ( Mom's brother-in-law ).

The second picture is my Uncle Jay Klein ( Dad's brother-in-law ). I'm not sure whether this was their first trip or not.


Hans Lundahl said...

C S Lewis resources on web - did blogger exist back then?

Kevin Eby said...

No, but blogger lets you put dates in the past on your post. I'm using blogs to establish the importance of family and relationships to honesty and accountability. Grounding dreams and fears with history is always a good thing.

Hans Lundahl said...

now that is so (in reply to your last words)

"blogger lets you put dates in the past on your post"

how so, technically?

Kevin Eby said...

In the lower left corner of the post, you will see a "post options" button which will allow you to publish it with a past date, or to schedule the posting in the future.