Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bob Warren teaching

Bob Warren joined us at Tatesbrook this weekend to teach us a thing or two. I love the lessons of life that he brings to us.

Having pursued excellence throughout his life and desiring the most excellent for those around him, I can see the passion in his heart as he pleads for us to understand the world from God's perspective year after year.

When I have a chance to sit down with Jesus one day, I'm sure that one of us will start a conversation with the question, "How about that Bob Warren fella, he's a piece of work, isn't he?"

Bob' s main topic was from Philemon 1:6 and convicted us all of the state of the church today. It's really a simple concept that intimacy with Christ is infinitely more important than our interaction with each other but we seem to get tangled up to the point that we are tripping over each other telling each other how we need to be intimate with Christ. ( not just a church thing, I do it at work, we do it at school, etc )

Bob always has a simple way of saying things that make me want to reflect on the depth of his understanding of the phrase. Here are the two that stuck with me from the weekend.

"I don't fear failure as much as I fear being successful at something that doesn't matter"

"If I don't know what I know, then I don't know"

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