Saturday, March 31, 2007

Adam accepts 2nd Place in State TSA Transportation Contest

Adam made a car out of wood, wheels from a Tonka Toy, lots of hot glue, and miscellaneous parts to take 2nd Place at the transportation contest for Southern Middle School at the State TSA Conference. His car made it farther up the 16 foot hill than all the others, but the judge couldn't give him first place because Adam had used a gear assembly from a hobby kit and that isn't exactly the spirit of the competition.

The winner's car flipped over, but it met the spirit of the competition.

The judge told Adam that he would have to fabricate his own gear assembly at the National Competition in Nashville in June.

Adam accepted the award on Saturday morning at an honors breakfast in Louisville. Tyler Farquat, who was a state officer in the TSA, stands to the right to congratulate him.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A big step forward for mother and daughter

Last spring and summer were a blur to us as we struggled through the last stages of cancer with Jackie's mother, Ruby.

One of the therapeutic activities that Jackie did before spending the last weeks in Indiana was to strip the wall paper in the bathrooms.

Carmen chose the new color for the room. We were all concerned that it might be too green. After nearly a year, we finally painted the walls with the settled paint (lots of stirring) while Jackie and Becca were in Chicago. The skill of the painter was also working against any chance of this room turning out right.

A week later, after two coats and several touch up jobs, the room glows green into the hallway. The green glow inspired me to take a picture that couldn't capture a fraction of the color.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hinds' Cooler in High Places

Over a decade ago, a good friend in my small group encouraged me to read a book entitled Hinds' Feet in High Places. This friend intended to stretch me with this book because it is not the kind of book that I normally read.

I really enjoyed it.

This weekend, another friend decided to bring a cooler of ice water to our regular ultimate frisbee game on Sunday afternoons in Kirklevington Park. Upon hearing that, Adam decided to bring a bunch of water bottles that he and Kyle had bartered for at a Tates Creek High School home football game this fall. I was ecstatic about that idea because they would no longer be in our garage.

Now, since my good friend with the cooler has the last name of Hind and is a very good steward of her things, the cooler was labeled "Hind" with a Sharpie.

Since there were no tables out in the field, we had to improvise. Someone suggested hanging the cooler from a tree. I had some rope in the Jeep, so we proceeded with that plan.

Throughout the warm afternoon, water was provided for everyone playing frisbee and soon there were thirsty basketball players whose curiosity was piqued by the hanging cooler.

It wasn't until tonight at prayer that I realized that God had given us a great place to recreate and share with the community at Kirklevington Park. An answer to the prayers of both Mr. and Mrs. Hind. I guess we won't need to pour any concrete at the church right away.

I think those water bottles might be popular all summer long.

It would really be a strange small world if the husband of the first friend was responsible for introducing me to the friend with the cooler and that she would share the gospel with the man that has been praying for all of this recreation to end up being a way to share the gospel, wouldn't it.

Next week, someone needs to take a picture of "Hind's Cooler in High Places" and then have me committed to some kind of facility that will stop me from connecting the dots of God's steps.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Busy March....

I haven't posted anything for a while due to our continuous chasing after our children's events in the precious few hours that I am not working. Carmen has had a break from volleyball tournaments, but Adam has had two or three basketball games a week. Yes.. Adam was playing basketball. He made the team without any recent experience (YMCA, seven years ago) and actually learned the game by the end of the season. He is really growing fast as well.

Adam has also been involved in the Technology Student Association (TSA) so he misses school and practice for contests with other TSA clubs from other schools, counties and organizations. This picture is from a trip to the state capitol building in Frankfort.

Volleyball tournaments will resume next weekend.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Becca and Jackie go to Chicago

Becca had a great time in Chicago. She visited the American Girl store, Ed Debevic's, the museum of science and industry, Michigan Avenue shopping, a mid-evil show, and lots of bus trips.

Here is her video of a frozen "Michigan Lake".

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Motivation from Despair

As I have studied the Bible and life over the years under several mentors, one thing that I have learned is that the best way to learn about ANYTHING, is to use, wear out and study THAT thing, not something ELSE.

The biggest THING in anyone's life should be their relationship with our creator. That is common to all mankind, part of us as created beings.

But there are other important things, too.
  • Our relationship with the people in the church He established for His Son and inhabited by the Holy Spirit.
  • Our relationship with our spouse, children, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins
  • Our relationship with those we work with
  • Our relationship with our neighbors ( Love your neighbor as yourself )
So, we should all spend more time "knowing the shepherd's voice" than knowing the ways of the enemy, but that satirical nature and the logical nature in me just loves to point out the obvious in the negative sense. One great literary writing that is an example of this is C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters".

In the area of leadership and personal discipline, I have often used as a source for negative information that points to the ways of the enemy as he afflicts our fleshly desires.

This site makes fun of leaders and the things they do. It's convicting and sometimes painful to see the truth of our selfish flesh when it is amplified.

One encouraging piece of information for me is that the battle isn't over until it is over and I know who gets the credit for the victory. Until then, I'll just keep trying even if the world calls me "Stupid".