Saturday, February 17, 2007

Early Bird Extravaganza ( Day 1 )

The BAVA 16-2 girls played well today at the Early Bird Extravaganza in Columbus, but they came up short on all the matches. The second game of the first match was probably the best game that they have ever played.

There were 28 courts of volleyball and most were busy all day long.

I could really see the improvement in Carmen's play since she has been working at the HIT center. She is playing with more confidence.

Keith was excited about the variety of people at the conference center: Volleyball, Cheerleaders, United Nations and 4H.

He spent most of his time dealing with Becca's energy. She doesn't pay much attention to the volleyball game.

We enjoyed a surprisingly good meal at really reasonable prices from the Thai restaurant at the food court for dinner.

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