Friday, December 25, 1992

Christmas Card 1992

Written by Jackie, Posted here by Kevin

Season's Greetings once again from the Eby's! Why does it seem each and every year flies by faster than the year before? Christmas time is here again and what a wonderful and fulfilling year we have had.

Carmen celebrated her first birthday in October and she has filled our lives with giggles and stuffed Pooh bears! She's so sweet and is growing so fast. She is walking and curious about everything. We are having so much fun just watching her grow and develop.

I am staying home with her and enjoying it immensely! I love being a full time Mommy and wife. I do help at my old job with vacation and other times when they need me. I enjoy keeping in touch with everyone.

Kevin's career is keeping him busy. He's been on the road quite a bit but it gives him an opportunity to read some good books on the plane. He really recommends that you men read Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughs. He spent one week a month in Boston all summer long and just returned from a convention in Las Vegas. Wish I could have gone along. He says it is much harder leave now that he has to say good-bye to two girls.

I was able to participate in my first Mother's Day this year and it was very special for us. The day included a baby dedication ceremony for Carmen. Our church is growing in many ways. We have gone through many changes this year, but the Lord has seen us through and has been our Rock through it all. We have a new pastor and he has some exciting plans allow every member to use their gifts as a minister of the Gospel. I have stepped down from Nursery Director and have taken on new responsibilities. I now serve on the hospitality team and am going to help with the Bible drill team. Kevin still teaches our Sunday School class and serves as a deacon. We have jointly accepted the role of leaders of the Adult ministry team. We love serving the Lord. He is so good!

The most exciting news of the year is without a doubt the freedom granted my sister, Shirley. After 20 years, the Lord set her free from prison to start a new life on June 6, Mom and Dad's 45th Anniversary. She is doing wonderfully and is working for Merrill-Lynch and has her own apartment in central Indiana! The Lord has blessed her abundantly with friends and home making necessities. Some friends have thrown her parties and showers to help her on her way. We have attended many of her get-togethers and it has blessed us just to meet her many supportive friends that have been there for her for so many years.

With Shirley coming home frequently since June, we have also made the trip quite a bit. We have had such a busy summer and fall, but it has been well worth all the traveling! Carmen and I made the trip alone for the 4-H fair. It was especially fun this year with Carmen taking it all in. Kevin was very busy at work, so he couldn't go, but Carmen and I had a ball spending the week with Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!

We were also able to take a mini-vacation in July to Lake Norman near Charlotte, NC. We had a lot of fun visiting some great friends, water skiing, sailing, and relaxing all at the same time.

We went to Indiana for Thanksgiving and what a year to be thankful. Our entire family was together again for the first time in 20 years for the holiday and we had a wonderful time! We are planning on visiting again at Christmas and we are looking forward to that as well! It's going to be interesting with Carmen being so curious with all the decorations and presents.

This has been another year full of changes and the Lord has lead us through it all! He has blessed us so abundantly and we are so grateful for his loving care! We look forward to a joyful holiday season and also to when we can spend some time with you, our friends. We hope and pray that you have had a great year and will progress toward making your joy complete every new day.

In His love,
Kevin, Jackie and Carmen

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