Saturday, December 25, 1993

Christmas Card 1993

As many of you know, we have another beautiful addition to our family! Adam Charles was born on October 15 just six days before Carmen's second birthday. We did not plan on having their birthdays so close. Adam just showed up six months prior to his scheduled arrival. The Lord showed us once again that He is in control and His timing is perfect.

We both would have appreciated a shorter labor and delivery and a slimmer debut. Jackie continually reminded her Doctor that labor was supposed to be shorter and easier each time. Kevin did a wonderful job of coaching and the 17 hours really went by quickly. Aunt Shirley and all grandparents visited to welcome Adam and celebrate Carmen's birthday. The full house and double diaper duty helped Jackie soon forget all the work and pain associated with Adam's birth. We are both thankful for Jackie's health.

Adam is doing well. His original weight of 9 lbs 3 oz has expanded to over 13 lbs and he looks very similar to his big sister when she was only two months old.

Jackie's days are filled with diapers, feedings, laughter, discipline and answering Carmen's "why" questions. Carmen is talking more all the time. She is so much fun and definitely keeps us on our toes. She loves her baby brother and likes to help Mommy take care of him during the day. Jackie would not trade being a wife and Mommy to her family for anything on this earth!

Kevin is still with Lexmark and has enjoyed the most relaxing year of his career. The travel demands have waned and the time was quickly absorbed by projects around the house and playing with his daughter. He also has been part of a acapello trio that has been a real blessing. Kevin's increase in joy of praise and worship is outwardly visible. God Himself inhabits our praise.

Jackie worked a couple of days a week during the summer to cover for maternity leaves and vacations at her old laboratory job. She enjoyed keeping her skills fresh and conversation with her colleauges. She is now back at home full time with both children and enjoying every minute of it.

We are still very much a part of our church and continue to see the Spirit moving. Exciting things are happening within the body of Christ all over the world. We hope that you have seen similar fruit this year and are so very thankful to have a family of believers for worship, fellowship and support.

We made it back home to Indiana for the required Elkhart County 4-H Fair and had a great time as always. Kevin was very excited about going to NorthWood's state championship game on the way home from Thanksgiving. He is thankful to this day for the opportunity he had to play and learn under that great system that teaches teamwork, responsibility and pride. The community spirit and support for the football team that weekend pulled us hard toward home but we realize that the Lord is not through with us here yet. Until then, we look forward to one visit at a time. Carmen loves spending time with grandparents and cousins.

We have been blessed abundantly this year by the Lord. We give him all the Glory for another wonderful year of being His children! His gifts of two beautiful children to love and discipline certainly help us understand his love for us. What a miracle! It's just amazing to see all the Lord does for us. We take so much of it for granted! It is our prayer that you can reflect back on this year and count your blessings as well.

We want to wish each of you a very special Christmas and hope the coming year will bring growth to all! You are special to us and we Thank the Lord for all of you!

Kevin, Jackie, Carmen and Adam

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