Tuesday, December 25, 1990

Christmas Card 1990

Written by Jackie, Posted here by Kevin

Wow! Can you believe we have sent a holiday letter from the same state two consecutive years? It's amazing to me! We have now been in Kentucky over a year and it finally feels like home. I hope we are through moving for a while. I think I've said that before!

We have had another busy, but fulfilling year here in the Bluegrass. We are quite involved with our church and our careers seem to take up the rest of our time! We joined Tatesbrook Baptist Church after several months of visiting around. It's close to home and very warm, small enough you can know everybody and growing almost every Sunday which is very exciting. Kevin is teaching the high school S.S. class and we are both involved with the youth program. I am the nursery director, which is funny since we don't have any kids of our own yet. I am having fun with it though. We both sing in the choir and enjoy that as always. We also try to go visiting weekly with the church. As you can see, we love our church family and have quickly become involved.

We have had many visitors since we've moved to the Bluegrass, which is always fun. We've also gone on a few weekend trips of our own to visit friends in Charlotte and do some sight seeing. Kentucky is a nice half way point between Charlotte and Indiana. In April, we were able to go to Florida with Steve and Lori Wagner, some great friends from Indiana. They are now living about 20 minutes away while Steve attends Asbury Seminary.

June was full of weddings for us this year and we were able to make it to two of them. They were fun and we were able to visit with friends from high school we don't see very often.

We celebrated our fourth anniversary in July and also received an addition to our family! It was an adorable 8 week old red chow puppy. She is so cute and playful. Her name is Chassie and is now 6 months old. I took her to Indiana for the week of the fair and everyone fell in love with her. She looks like a little bear. Yes, I was able to make it to the 4H fair again this year and had fun helping with the livestock and watching my nieces and nephews show their animals.

Work is going great for Kevin and he has had a very rewarding year at IBM. He was one of the developers of the new PS/1 Printer and is very excited about it. He just returned from a 3 week business trip to Japan and I am glad to have him back. He left right after Thanksgiving and left me with all the Christmas shopping to do. Do you think he planned that? He was able to see some of the sights, but spent most of the time working so he could get home for our Christmas Cantata at church.

I am still working at the Ob/Gyn Clinic and have gone full time finally. I really enjoy working with these doctors and this practice.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, which was spent with our family in Indiana. We have so much to be thankful for, so many friends and family who mean so much to us.

That brings us up to December and a busy holiday season. With Kevin just returning from Japan there is much to get done before we take off for Indiana again. We are looking forward to a joyous Christmas and spending our week with our friends and family. We also are anticipating a belated Christmas package. My brother and wife are expecting their third child some time in February and we're all excited about having a new baby in the family once again.

We have had such a blessed and prosperous year, God is so good to us! We hope your year has been as rewarding as ours and we want to wish everyone a blessed and joyful holiday season!

Love in Christ,
Kevin and Jackie

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